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Bariatric Surgery Exercise Programs

Exercise Programs

Before recommending bariatric surgery, we require that each patient make a commitment to improving and maintaining his or her health by fully participating in Pacific Bariatric’s aftercare program. We consider strict adherence to a gastric bypass diet and a tailored exercise plan essential to the overall success of every procedure.

Incorporating some form of exercise into your daily life prior to surgery will drastically improve, and can even speed up, the weight loss process following gastric bypass surgery. For instance, walking, cycling, aerobics or swimming can help you feel and look great even before the surgery. Try to get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.  (This is in addition to your normal daily activities such as working, shopping or housekeeping.)

Walking is a great way to start; begin with very short walks several times a day and gradually increase the distance or duration. Walking improves muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness in addition to helping you lose weight. At first, do not engage in strenuous exercise. We encourage you to set goals for yourself. By all means, if you want to run a full or half-marathon someday, go for it; just make sure you start out slow. About six weeks after surgery, you should be able to tolerate all but the most strenuous of exercises.

Immediately post-surgery don’t sit or stand in one place for a long period of time. Light housekeeping may be undertaken when you feel you are able. Driving a car is usually permitted one week after surgery. Most patients are able to return to light work after two weeks, and to heavy labor after six weeks. The time of your return to work will depend upon the physical demands of your job and the rate of your recovery. Talk with your physician before starting anything new.

San Diego Area Bariatric Surgery Exercise Programs

If you need more direction with your exercise program or enjoy exercising in a social setting, please attend our free exercise classes, designed to accommodate the needs of all bariatric surgery patients. 

Lifestyle Fitness

Please join us for free Lifestyle Fitness classes, designed especially for bariatric surgery patients. Our focus is on practicing the skills to stay on track with exercise using incremental planning, creative problem solving, non-judgmental self-correction, and gentle toning of our discipline muscle. Our exercise focus is on sensible strength training for men and women of all experience levels. In addition, a portion of our time is devoted to gentle movement lessons that help us move with greater ease and comfort. All workouts are tailor-made for your needs and ability.


To join one of our classes, please contact:

Rich Manuccia
Cell: 619-838-4147
Office: 619-295-6988