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Your Weight Loss Surgery Options

Our mission is to change your life by drastically improving your health. We do it through the use of laparoscopic weight loss surgery: either gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery, both of which create lasting weight loss and, as a result, reduces life-threatening risk factors, improves your self-esteem, and enhances your daily living. The following weight loss surgery procedures are performed laparoscopically by some of the most qualified surgeons in the U.S.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

During the Roux-en-Y weight loss surgery the stomach is divided into two sections. One of the two sections is a new, smaller pouch that will act as the new stomach. The new stomach has a capacity of roughly two ounces, as opposed to its former size of about two quarts. This drastic reduction limits your stomach's ability to hold food, making you feel full after eating only a small amount, requiring you to eat substantially less. This is the basis of the results you will see during the aftercare and beyond... read more

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a "restrictive only" procedure in the same fashion as adjustable gastric banding. Using a skinny tube, about 1 cm in diameter, a series of surgical staples are applied against the stomach to create a new longer and skinnier stomach that holds only 2 ounces at any given time. The residual larger portion of the stomach is removed because it can no longer drain its secretions. With the residual stomach removed from the body, the new stomach tube fills and empties with the normal anatomic connections... read more

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