Weight Loss Surgery Resources:

Looking for links on weight loss surgery? Below we list links to some of the industry leading resources, clinics, and surgeons in the bariatric surgery space.

You are not alone. We know that bariatric surgery is a major life decision – and we’re here to help you before, during and after your surgery. This section has information about how you can stay connected to us and to others and to other patients who have undergone weight-loss surgery to help you achieve your goals and celebrate your success.  

Pre- and Post-OP Support Group Meetings

Our group meetings are the backbone of the support network for gastric bypass patients, presenting the opportunity to interact with others who are experiencing similar challenges, successes and changes. The meetings are designed to provide a positive, sharing environment.

Support groups are held in select locations, typically meet once a month and occasionally feature professionals such as surgeons, psychologists, plastic surgeons, personal trainers or nutritionists as guest speakers to help educate our patients on living a healthier lifestyle. We encourage all patients to attend.

Health Programs

Our exercise programs are specifically tailored to your needs, and are designed to be effective enough so you can achieve your weight loss goals but safe enough so you can maintain a steady pace of recovery after gastric bypass.


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